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Hoisting and Rigging

This course deals with some basic information on ropes, knots, and hitches, but the main focus is on hoisting equipment, rigging hardware, legislation, and pre-lift briefings. Equally important is the attention paid to the proper procedures for inspection, maintenance, and operation of hoisting and rigging equipment and hardware.

Knowing the hazards associated with hoisting and rigging is a large portion of the course. How to deal with weather conditions, wind conditions, and how to avoid electrical contact while working around overhead wires are all covered. Determining load weights and calculating them depending on the material being lifted is part of the hoisting and rigging course as well. Awareness of centre of gravity, sling angles and how they affect lifting capacity, sling types, hand signs, and hoisting tips are all discussed in great length.

As with any job planning, communication before the task is carried out is paramount. The pre-lift job briefing is essential so that all parties involved in the lift are aware of the details prior to any lifting being performed. Hoisting and rigging equipment is selected and inspected for the proper weight; then the lifting area, path of travel, and set down area and the hazards associated with them are recognized, controlled and eliminated prior to any lift taking place. This is best practice for protecting the workers, the machinery, and the load being lifted.